An essay on the major issues faced by align technology inc

Major HBR cases concerns on a whole industry, a whole organization or some part of organization; profitable or non-profitable organizations.

An essay on the major issues faced by align technology inc

Top Ten Communication Issues There are many more than just ten problems with team communication issues and the evils listed here may not make your own list. But basically, these are the things that keep workforce teams from operating efficiently or impact the team as a whole with respect to morale.

Failure to Listen The inability to listen is a huge problem. Often you will see co-workers interrupting speakers or planning what they will say next instead of effectively listening. Obviously these all reflect on their failure to listen. Stress the importance of listening before you begin a discussion.

Suggest that they focus on the person and the point they are making; to write notes later; and to keep their own contributions brief and relevant.


Stress that they maintain eye contact with each speaker involved. Set a great example. Locale or Distance to Office Due to the high incidence of globalization, distance learning, or freelance contributions, many communications are conducted by email, memo, or short video conferencing.

When offices are located away from its contributors, the detachment and inability to interact is a huge communication barrier. Projects get stalled or are often misunderstood.

Conduct meetings on a regular schedule. When the team assembles, touch base with all members to solicit feedback. Try to schedule live interaction for important issues and do not rely on emails or memos to do the job.

Culture Differences The office has become a melting pot stocked with people of diverse backgrounds and cultural customs. When these individual groups assemble, managers face the challenges of small group dynamics and team communication issues.

Try to mix them together or have assigned seats to break them up.

Top Ten Communication Issues Internal and External Environmental Analysis Identify economic, legal, and regulatory forces and trends A company needs to determine the economic conditions, which influences or affects its productivity. For Hoosier Media Inc.
Communication Hurdles This article explains the seven biggest challenges faced by a manager. There are goals associated with your objectives, and if your organization is aggressive then those goals require more than the typical amount of effort.

Make sure that during brainstorming sessions, everyone is contributing—even if you have to walk the floor to listen. If someone is reticent, ask them for feedback.

Make sure that your understanding is clear. By reframing your understanding, it allows others to know you are listening and fosters communication. They refuse to admit they might be part of the problem. Conflicts also arise because of inequity, and rather than make the situation more equal, someone becomes defensive instead of taking responsibility.

The nature of some workers may not be likely to change due to an attitude problem or ego. Sometimes people just need to agree to disagree and follow the program as directed.

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Authority or Hierarchy Problems A worker may feel reticent about approaching and talking to their manager. Someone may be quietly stewing about an issue and never broach the subject.

Another may think that the discussion is too personal. Try to segregate or make an appointment to speak with the co-worker face-to-face if possible. Ensure that confidentiality of the discussion is of utmost important to you. Set-up the talk before problems escalate, if possible; and put questions in the context of why you are asking.

Then suss out the error and correct the problem. Poorly Written Communication Poorly written materials, incorrect syntax, bad grammar and items out of context are all too frequent in interoffice business publications and lead straight to confusion.

Make sure to proofread the copy and always have another set of discriminating eyes check for mistakes. For important directives or changes of any kind, run them by the best editor in the office.

Gender Bias The battle over which gender makes the best leader is taking the focus away from the real issue. Then too, sometimes workers only want to relate to people of the same gender.

An essay on the major issues faced by align technology inc

Speak loudly and make sure your viewpoints are expressed; establish eye contact, and own your space. Never issue disclaimers, engage in demeaning yourself—and avoid unwarranted apologies. Focus or Listening Problems Inability of employees to interpret the information or provide adequate focus leads to team communication issues.

The gap in age, the hole left by a boomer generation retiring, and other societal weaknesses make this communication barrier very real.Introduction Align Technology Inc.

of Santa Clara is known for designing, manufacturing and marketing of Invisalign System, which is proprietary treatment for teeth misalignment, commonly known as malocclusion (Coughlan & Henessey, ). Invisalign System aligns both teen and adult tee. STEP 5: PESTEL/ PEST Analysis of Align Technology Inc Case Solution: Pest analyses is a widely used tool to analyze the Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Environmental and legal situations which can provide great and new opportunities to the company as well as these factors can also threat the company, to be dangerous in future.

Jun 28,  · Ethics in business encompasses so many areas that there are entire classes on business ethics at universities. Every business owner needs to understand how ethical issues pertain to .

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View Our Essay Directory. Read this essay on Align Technology, Inc. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. ASAD AMIN Align Technology, Inc. Issues Align Technology was facing many issues; there are some factors that effects the cost and sales of the company.

One of the major issues faced by the company was the lack of Technical personnel, who had a deep understanding of the products that were offered and who could act as liaison between the technical team and various business units.

10 Team Communication Issues & How to Resolve Them