Barbie monologue

Image Sources Subscribe to our newsletter Everyone likes a good laugh. Sometimes, the comedians are so funny they can cause tears to stream down our faces. Others, will be so dry in their deliveries we are unsure of the joke. Then, there are some that are just weird and we are still not sure if they are funny.

Barbie monologue

Some speakers talk of trouble, Of pessimistic creeds, Is all the old world needs. Be gay, enthusiastic, And cheerful all the while, Forget your gloom and worries, And smile, smile, smile! I got an eerie feeling the moment the ride took off.

Where are the Dwarves? But there I was, trapped on the ride, crashing into walls and dragged through a dungeon, being constantly tortured by frightening images of the Barbie monologue witch.

I walked off that ride scared, and to be honest…ticked off. My older brother thought it was funny… he kept laughing at how terrified I was… so he bought me a Princess tiara. Next time I am heading straight for Space Mountain! OK… so I have some questions and concerns here. What does this little tooth freak do with all of these teeth?

By my calculations, somewhere in the world a child loses a tooth every. How does this little tooth-collecting creep get from place to place? I mean I get how Santa gets around, but at least he has a route… Number three: If this Fairy is touching other peoples teeth each night… what about the germs?

This fairy is touching a bunch of nasty teeth and then touching my pillow?? From now on when I lose a tooth…I am leaving some anti-bacterial hand sanitizer under my pillow! I mean, come on people. The fairies are thinking of getting rid of all magic. They can and they will unless we turn things around and prove we can handle having it.

They gave it to Fairy Tale Land in the first place. We have a crisis here.

Barbie monologue

We have to do a major PR thing. Good deeds and stuff. We need to do a good deed. Not just any good deed, but a whopper of a good one. But think of the PR. Witches saving the Prince who has been put under a sleeping spell.

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And we must do it before some bubble headed princess manages to beat us to it. I asked him a civil question, and he pretended not to hear me. White Rabbit, where are you going?

I wonder if I might follow him. I—I will follow him. Wait for me, Mr. I never realized that rabbit holes were so dark. After such a fall as this, I shall think nothing of tumbling downstairs.

I must be getting somewhere near the center of the earth. How funny that would be. Oh, I think I see the bottom. I shall hit the bottom, hit it very hard, and oh, how it will hurt! I mean one slip up like this could cost you your entire social career in middle School. This one girl T.

I have perfect eyelashes; I am an inspiration to like millions of little girls. I happen to be a teenage fashion model, Ballerina, nurse, flight attendant, tennis pro, ice skater, astronaut, teacher, singer, actress, dress designer, TV news reporter, veterinarian, teacher, astronaut rock star, scuba diver, artist, teacher, lifeguard, firefighter, dentist and a teacher.

Wanna know one reason? Even little things like calling ken are nearly impossible.A casting calls resource and talent database. Monologues and scenes for training and auditions. Blogs and forums about acting and entertainment.

Actors can create a free profile as well as directors, casting directors, producers and agents/managers. Join . THEIR NAME? IS THE BARBIE DOLLS. SCENE 3: CITY ROAD 2 HOT CHICKS ARE WALKING ALONG THE PATHWAY.


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Barbie - Monologue Lyrics