Communism and australias response

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Communism and australias response

Hire Writer In the response to the internal threat of communism The Australian Government came up with some somewhat extreme courses of action.

The controversial issue in this bill was that if you were accused of being a communist you were guilty until proven innocent. Many people were accused of being communist and although no one was ever confirmed to be one it still ruined many lives.

At this time the Australian communist party had 24, members and although this was a small amount it still scared many people. Although Menzies held a referendum to pass his bill there was a slight majority of against votes. Even though the bill failed to pass it still shows just how large an issue this was and how concerned people were about communism.

This scared people, as there was a possible ring of soviet spies in the country. Australia began to sign treaties with other countries that were not communist. Australia needed new alliances and allies beyond Britain and so we turned to America for support. These agreements ensured aid from foreign countries, particularly the US, in the event of attack from a communist country or indeed any country in general.

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These policies ensured mutual protection from any threat to the countries involved. These countries were included to help prevent the advance of communism. By allying these countries with the US it was practically assured that they would resist the red tide of communism.

Although Australia was never directly threatened these policies were prudent measures against the advance and popularity of communism.

Communism and australias response

These responses, while somewhat excessive, were implemented to protect Australia and to keep it safe.Australia’s response to the threat of communism Communism is a system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party.

Australia's Response to Communism Words Feb 4th, 4 Pages Australia had a lot to fear, with the threat likely to infiltrate the country both domestically (an established Communist Party) and internationally (a geographical location close to countries that had already fallen victim to communism, such as China and Korea).

Australia’s Response to the threat of Communism Australia’s Response to the threat of Communism Australia’s response to the threat of communism after WW2 was extraordinary. Australia and its politicians immediately recognised what could happen of a result of the domino theory.

The response to communism in Asia was very important to Australias decisions in fighting against communism. At the end of World War 2, The United States and Soviet Russia both emerged as superpowers, but had conflicting political views.

Following World War II, there was an increased fear of Communism in Australia. The Menzies government in the 's presented strategies that were a direct echo of the penetrating fear of communism in Australia.

Communism and australias response

Quizzes › Society › Communism › Australia's Response To The Threat Of Australia's Response To The Threat Of Communism In Australia. 9 Questions | By LetitiaBaker | Last updated the Australian people voted in a referendum in response to the question of whether the government should have the power to outlaw the Communist Party of.

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