Essay in dashain in nepali langauge

Dashain is the simplest festival in Nepal. Tihar 14 Residency of Tihar Labor in America. Contextual feeding of date about dashain in college in competition dissertation into Consideration.

Essay in dashain in nepali langauge

We have posted here most of the information and facts about Vijayadashami festival in Nepal. The human beings need social experiences to learn their culture and to survive. They should act according to the rules and regulations of their family and society.

It is also the process of participating in the efforts of meeting social aspirations keeping in tune with the social discipline.

It is a process for an individual of making an adjustment in the society. Socialization is the basis of social development and reformation. Every society has some unique and common local and national festivals which are celebrated in some fixed time and season.

Essay in dashain in nepali langauge

There are many benefits of that culture, tradition, and festivals for the society, country, and the world. But the Vijayadashami is the greatest festival in Nepal.

Advertisement Some Facts about Nepal: Because after knowing some facts about Nepal, you will feel easier to know about Vijayadashami festival in Nepal.

Some Facts about Nepal:

Nepal covers the Himalayas for a length of some miles. Its western section stretches more towards the north and eastern section towards the south.

Western Nepal is broader than eastern Nepal. Nepal stretches km long from east to west and km wide though non-uniform from north to south. At its broadest north-south points it is miles in length and 76 miles at its narrowest point.

The average width of the country is to miles. The total land area of Nepal is square miles orsq km. Nepal looks like a rectangle in shape. We will discuss Dashain festival in Nepal in detail. Nepali religious tradition has evolved along syncretism and symbiotic lines. The intricate texture of Nepali religious culture is woven from the main strands of Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantrism and Bon animism.

Human contributions

The influence of these various religions is harmoniously blended in Nepali life and culture. The similarity between the Buddhist and Hindu legends about the origin of the Kathmandu Valley emphasizes the essential harmony in religious outlook. These legends are based on the fact that the Kathmandu Valley was once a lake surrounded by mountains.

Lord Vishnu is one of the Hindu triads. Vishnu is called Narayan in Nepal. Shiva cult was established in the 7th century and dominated Nepalese Hinduism.


He had many manifestations.Highlights of some festivals in Nepal | See more ideas about Nepal, Festivals and Concerts. introduction of dashain festival in nepali language importance of dashain festival essay of dashain festival wishes of dashain festival photo of dashain festival history of dashain festival.

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Dashain festival bs nepal articles, essays, information, facts in nepali and english.4/5().

Essay in dashain in nepali langauge

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Essay In Dashain In Nepali Langauge. Dashain (दशैं) is the day national (religious) festival of Nepal,[2] It is the longest and the most auspicious festival in the Nepalese annual calendar, celebrated by Nepalese Hindu of all castes throughout the globe.

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