Flowchart hygiene and dishes

Objects Order of Washing This defines the order in which the items a general term covering all cutlery, crockery, pots and pans are selected. The order of washing, through experimentation, is:

Flowchart hygiene and dishes

Process Analysis Introduction Organizational development is an inevitable feature in any organization. It is important for organizations from time to time to come up with ways and strategies to create more efficiency in performance and improve on productivity Cummings An organization can invest in research and development to streamline its processes, reduce cost of operation and increase its overall productivity.

This paper analysis the Starwood case to establish some of inefficiencies in its performance and provides ways in which efficiency can be improved.

It contains an analysis of the stewarding process, the power of innovation aspect and what benefits can accrue to the Starwood organization through implementation of steps Flowchart hygiene and dishes by the POI. How management can improve the stewarding process at the Phoenician The power of innovation program established that there are many roles played by stewards at the Starwood hotels.

Stewardship is of high relevance to the hotels as it is in any other service business. Some stewardship roles include washing dishes, preparing foods and beverages, removing kitchen trash, polishing silver, preparing conference buffets, and making hotel reservations for visitors among many other duties.

How to Wash Dishes

The power of innovation established the existence of flaws in the stewarding process. A lot of manual work is done in washing dishes; a lot of valuable time is wasted here.

It was also established through power of innovation programs are allocated duties in different kitchen of the hotels.

The kitchens are located at long distances from each other; the stewards have to walk long distances from one kitchen to another. The POI established that the design of the hotel also contributed to time wastage by the stewards when moving from one kitchen to another.

The building design had limitations; there was a maze of corridors that stewards must pass through to get into the next kitchen, this maze of corridors wastes a lot of time as the distances between the kitchens are further increased.

It was further established that there sidewalks of the hotel paths of thick privacy hedges, something that makes the stewards unable to cross into the short walks which are shortcuts to the kitchens.

The management can solve these problems by: The kitchens need to be in proximity to each other to reduce the distances walked by the stewards from one kitchen to another. The organization could consider setting a separate location which would be for the kitchens only.

This will reduce time wasted walking and increase the productivity of the stewards. Another move that it could take would be to come up with fast means of transporting the stewards from one kitchen to another, for example it could procure bikes for that purpose.

To ensure that the stewards are prompt on duty, this could improve their performance. Alternatively, the hotel could minimize the time wasted by the stewards by assigning specified duties and kitchens to attend, this way the time wasted walking in between kitchens is done away with.

Another way that the organization could improve the stewarding process is by using the automated sanitizing dishwasher for washing the dishes instead of relying on hand wash for dishes. This is a measure to reduce the time wastage by the stewards. More time will be thus available spend in other duties, for example attending to visitors in the hotels.

Time is a unique and important resource in that one wasted it can never be recovered. The hotel should therefore invest in the time resource of the stewards to ensure high productivity.

The stewarding process in the hotels is also found to be affected by the irregular visits to the hotel too, Uncertainty for the number of visitors to arrive during a given period was found to bar the proper functioning of the stewarding process, For example there was uncertainty of the amount of rooms to reserve or the quantity of afternoon tea to prepare for the visitors.

This resulted into wastage of resources and time. The hotel can project the amount of visitors to expect at a particular period, this will enable the hotel to fully and efficiently utilize the services of the stewards.

During low seasons some of the stewards can be advised to remain at home, this will reduce the cost of stewarding and improve the profitability of the hotel. During high season duties are allocated to all of them to ensure good service to the hotel visitors. The POI established also that there was a high time lapse in the clearance of banquet dishes, this wasted the time that would otherwise have been spend by the stewards washing the dishes.How to manage the food hygiene and safety procedures in your food business.

Flowchart: Hygiene and Dishes Essay Flowchart for a Process This paper will select a process that I complete every day but would like to spend less time doing. In this case I have selected the process of washing dishes, I will include a flow chart to show how steps in .

Meat plants are required to implement and maintain hygiene procedures based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles for meat plants. MyHACCP. MyHACCP is a free web tool that will guide you through the process of developing a food .

Flowchart: Hygiene and Dishes Essay Flowchart for a Process This paper will select a process that I complete every day but would like to spend less time doing. In this case I have selected the process of washing dishes, I will include a flow chart to show how steps in a process fit together, define and analyze the process.

For washing dishes, dishwashers can be set on sanitation cycle, or one can manually pour boiling water over dishes and utensils.

Flowchart hygiene and dishes

Drinking water used for brushing teeth should be of safe water quality (e.g. boil water for one minute, bring water from a . The Food Worker Illness Flowchart is a handy resource for managers struggling to remember what to do when a food worker reports a particular symptom or illness.

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