Gcse english language essays

This post is the fifth in a series looking at lettersarticlesspeeches and leaflets. So how do you write an essay or the main body of the other bits? Very simply, you have time to write about three to four developed paragraphs or sections. Why three to four?

Gcse english language essays

Question 4 is the longest comprehension question and you should treat it with respect. It asks you to explore HOW the writer does something. You need to use a range of select, embedded quotations. To what extent do you agree? In your response you could: So, what does an 8-mark response look like?

Conclusion analysis

I agree with this statement. The writer creates a sense of mystery by using the rhetorical questions about the skull and by giving up at the end. It has done some of the Level 2 criteria and therefore gets a mark of 8. So we can see that she is almost forced to find where the sound is coming from.

It makes the reader wonder who placed the bones there and why they were making a noise. This suggests there is still a lot of the mystery to be uncovered. You can also see that the response and the comments overlap. They are both responding to the statement and making clear comments showing clear understanding about the language.

Better responses may have a sense of the overview or shift of ideas through the passage and track a strand through. The writer describes it as if the woman feels some kind of connection with the cry, as if it is calling to her, and the way that she speaks to it reveals a mysterious connection.

It sounds as if the woman is on a rescue mission. The character must surely think either the creature has escaped, disappeared or died with the lack of noise.

Gcse english language essays

This said, it is stranger still that she would not know whose skull it was, for surely there cannot be many children buried in the family home, or even many children who went missing or died in her past. What makes it sound as if the woman is compelled to keep digging is the way the writer suggests the level of effort that the woman has put into digging.

It also sounds as if she is compelled because of the actions: She spaded, and raked. Of course, she is also hot, but the word gives us a sense of her desperate desire to uncover more of the bones.

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She keeps going until she could find no more of the bones, despite the size of the hole that she has dug. We also may find it mysterious how the writer has described the connection between the woman and the remains. The compulsion she feels to discover the bones seems supernatural: I finish off with a loose summary of my ideas and add a little bit — the notion of the supernatural.

Conclusions should do that — they are not just a summary of your essay — they should build on it and extend it. Next time, Question 5!Don't begin with ‘In this essay I am going to ' and then list ideas.

Try to begin by addressing the question straight away. Paragraphing. Make sure you use them as it makes your writing clearer for you and the examiner.

When writing your essay you should . Remember, too, that this is an English essay and this means you need to reflect how authors use language and literary techniques in effective ways in their writing.

Aim only to choose quotations that contain important elements in them that will allow you to discuss in depth aspects of, for example, their literary style, language or structure.

The material is based on the AQA Legacy GCSE English Language Unit 1 Question 4. Question 4 in the January exam was.

Referring to Source 3, ‘Ferry across the Lake’ and either Source 1 or Source 2, you are going to compare the two texts, one of which you have chosen. A* essay examples for GCSE English Literature? watch. Announcements. Help In english language and literature GCSE!!

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English is actually quite an extensive subject but it can be categorised into English Language and Literature%(37). The '' AQA specification for GCSE English Language, examined from summer

3 Ways to Start and Conclude a GCSE English Essay Effectively