Hbr when your core business is

They conveyed a similar message, but from totally different perspectives. Ron Garan is one of those elite who have seen the planet from the outside, and as with several of his peers, the experience had a transformational impact.

Hbr when your core business is

But when it comes to the critical presentation phase, how do you earn the support of decision makers in the room? What the Experts Say Without a winning delivery, even the best-laid business plans are at a disadvantage.

Craft an emotional story You may be tempted to stick to facts and figures to do the persuading for you, but great presenters know that the best way to hook an audience is through a story. But the more you can inject an emotional appeal or human connection into your narrative, the stronger and more memorable your case will be.

That could mean illustrating the effects of a proposed customer management system with testimonials from actual customers, or describing how the data-sharing project you want to expand helped keep employees connected during a major outage. Is there a market opportunity the company is overlooking?

Does the firm need a new IT system? You might also consider giving decision makers a preview of your presentation ahead of time, and asking for their input.

You can then salt their recommendations into your presentation, which will increase their investment in your success. But overwhelming slides with needless detail or trotting out tired visuals will also quickly lose you favor. Think carefully about the message you want to convey. Does a bar graph, table, or pie chart more effectively present your position?

Are you able to circulate documents ahead of time, which might affect the data you want to emphasize in the actual presentation?

Hbr when your core business is

Or will a unique, more entertaining route be more persuasive? It might also be worthwhile to use colorful metaphors, videos, or other multimedia to make your point stand out. But sometimes simpler can be better, says Duarte. One of her clients convinced his CEO to fund a multimillion project by relying on basic graphics he drew on a whiteboard.

The real power of his presentation, she says, was in the strength of his narrative. By the same token, you may be asked to do a deeper dive into one facet of your case in the middle of the presentation.

Build buy-in ahead of time Erik Mason, the marketing communications manager for an aesthetic skin laser company in the Northeast, felt the firm needed a new image. Mason decided to pitch a total rebranding — a new logo, new tagline, and new copy and photography for ads and communications — to the new executive team brought in to prep the company for an IPO.

An 8-fold increase in the marketing budget. And in short order, the company achieved consistent double-digit sales growth — and a successful IPO.In an article for the Harvard Business Review, Vijay Govindarajan, author of "Reverse Innovation" (HBR Press, ) wrote, "at its core, reverse innovation describes solutions adopted first in.

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The core business of the Davies Service Group is textile maintenance in the UK and in Europe; the company provides dry-cleaning, laundry services and work gear specific to different industries and service sectors.

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