Hooking up a tent trailer battery

So the wife and I recently bought a nice Coleman E3 popup camper: So far, we have only been on one trip "off the grid" with it and were surprised at how fast the battery was drained just running the water pump and lights at night.

Hooking up a tent trailer battery

It might be a generator, wind turbine or solar panels.

Hooking up a tent trailer battery

There are plenty of ways to provide yourself with a reliable source of post-disaster electricity. There are all sorts of reasons why your power supply might not work.

What if a stronger than expected EMP damaged your generator? With a few extra components, and a handful of basic tools, you can easily convert a standard vehicle battery into a power pack that will let you get some essentials running again.

Alternatively, you can run a few lamps to provide light while you sit out a storm in your root shelter. This basic tool kit will handle most jobs: A flashlight is ideal, but keep a candle and box of matches in your kit just in case the flashlight is disabled. Look for a UL rating.

Insulating tape lets you create safe connections. Surplus wire can make unwanted contacts. The first is a power invertor.

Coleman battery hookup

What invertors basically do is turn the current from the battery into a form that all your appliances can use. Car batteries put out volt DC current, which is no use. The voltage is far too low; most tools, appliances and even light bulbs need volts.

AC power is dangerous. Because the output is constant, it will kill at a much lower voltage than DC. Finally, the outlet also has a standard power outlet you can plug things into.

Identify the positive and negative terminals of your battery by the markings embossed on beside the terminals.

Attack the black lead from the invertor to the negative terminal, then the red lead to the positive. Now you can plug in your circular saw or lamp, and the invertor will work like a regular power outlet.

First, make sure the battery is in a safe location. Keep metal away from the terminals, because if something conductive touches both terminals at once you risk a short circuit; that can blow up the battery in a hurry, possibly spraying acid everywhere.

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Water is also bad news. If the ground is wet, put the battery on a stable platform to keep it dry. Next, be careful not to overload it. A single bar adapter with two or three watt lamps plugged in should be okay, but anything more than that — trying to run a drill and saw at the same time, for example — is risking an overload.

This has a couple of advantages. First, you increase the total storage capacity, so your appliances will run for longer.


Secondly, the total current from the system is equal to the total current of each battery. That means you can draw more current without risking an overload. To wire in parallel, all you have to do is connect matching terminals. If you have two batteries, set them up beside each other and wire the negative terminals together, then the positive ones.RV sales continue to boom You wonder when it will end — booming sales of RVs.

RV wholesale shipments this year are expected to reach , units, a 7 percent increase from the record , units shipped last year, according to the new quarterly projection from Dr.

Richard Curtin in the RV Industry Association’s spring issue of the RV .

Jul 05,  · Your Coleman popup should have a small white plug coming out of the frame near the hitch that is for hooking up the battery. It should have a black and a white wire in it. Most preppers have some kind of plan for an emergency power source after the SHTF. It might be a generator, wind turbine or solar panels. If you have a river on your land, maybe you’ve set up a water wheel. Jan 30,  · I always make sure to charge my battery up before I go on a trip (This means plugging trailer in the house for me. OP, looks like you'll just be charging the battery on a charger.). The 7-pin connector does work fine for maintaining my charge while driving.

Jul 06,  · Use a battery box to install a 12V deep-cycle battery on the trailer tongue. Ground the new battery to the trailer frame. Run an 8 or 10 gage wire from the positive battery terminal, through a fuse or circuit breaker [30 or 40 amps] to the input side of the above mentioned fuse ashio-midori.com: Resolved.

I have a Fleetwood footer. I am trying to get my Honda EU generator to power up the motorhome for a few items. My display after plugging in will. I have an older converter on my tent camper I just bought and went to try out the furnace and found that the 3 amp fuse was blown.

Put another in and blew right away. Hooked up furnace to battery and . Connecting the battery or batteries to your RV is simple and can be done two ways: parallel and series. Parallel is needed to double the power that the batteries put out for use in larger RV's with a lot more electronics, and series pulls equal power from both batteries but .

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Charging Trailer Batteries from the Tow Vehicle Alternator