Master thesis proposal sample ppt project

The Abstract starts off your thesis proposal by introducing a summary of the complete proposal. This will explain the problem or issues you will address, investigate, or research.

Master thesis proposal sample ppt project

In Classical Sanskrit, this means "divided, split, broken, scattered". This word was repurposed in 19th-century Sanskrit to mean " a person not belonging to one of the four Brahminic castes".

Ambedkar —himself a Dalit, [12] and in the s its use was invigorated when it was adopted by the Dalit Panthers activist group. While use of the term might seem to express an appropriate solidarity with the contemporary face of Untouchable politics, there remain major problems in adopting it as a generic term.

Although the word is now quite widespread, it still has deep roots in a tradition of political radicalism inspired by the figure of B. This may be due to their improved circumstances giving rise to a desire not to be associated with the what they perceive to be the demeaning Dalit masses.

Inthe NCSC noted that some state governments used Dalits rather than Scheduled Castes in documentation and asked them to desist. It can include nomadic tribes and another official classification that also originated with the British Raj positive discrimination efforts inbeing the Scheduled Tribes.

The name was disliked by Ambedkar as it emphasised the Dalits as belonging to the Greater Hindu Nation rather than being an independent community like Muslims. In addition, many Dalits saw the term to be patronizing and derogatory. Some have even claimed that the term really refers to children of devadasisSouth Indian girls who were married to a temple and served as concubines and prostitutes for upper-caste Hindus, but this claim cannot be verified.

When untouchability was outlawed after Indian independence, the use of the word Harijan to describe the ex-untouchables was more common among other castes than the Dalits themselves.

This practice began aroundwhen the Adi- prefix was appropriated by Southern Dalit leaders, who believed that they were the indigenous inhabitants of India. Most other communities prefer to use their own caste name. The impure status was related to their historic hereditary occupations that Hindus considered to be "polluting" or debased, such as working with leather, working with feces and other dirty work.

The colonial government expelled Dalits, along with their traditional profession of leather and tannery work, from Mumbai Bombay peninsula to create Dharavi.

Dalits live together with Muslims who constitute about a third of Dharavi's population and other castes and tribes. Another pioneer was Harichand Thakur ca. Ambedkar himself believed Walangkar to be the progenitor. The Constitution of India, introduced after the country gained independenceincluded measures to improve the socioeconomic conditions of Dalits.

master thesis proposal sample ppt project

Aside from banning untouchability, these included the reservation system, a means of positive discrimination that created the classifications of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes OBCs.

Communities that were categorised as being one of those groups were guaranteed a percentage of the seats in the national and state legislatures, as well as in government jobs and places of education.

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The system has its origins in the Poona Pact between Ambedkar and Gandhi, when Ambedkar conceded his demand that the Dalits should have an electorate separate from the caste Hindus in return for Gandhi accepting measures along these lines. According to a report by Human Rights Watch HRWthe treatment of Dalits has been like a "hidden apartheid" and that they "endure segregation in housing, schools, and access to public services".

In rural India, stated Klaus Klostermaier in"they still live in secluded quarters, do the dirtiest work, and are not allowed to use the village well and other common facilities". In urban areas, Graduate Thesis Proposal - Graduate Thesis Proposal | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view How to write your thesis proposal - Give you an example of what a Show you how to make a logical development of a.

(Click here for bottom) P p p, P Momentum. Utility of the concept of momentum, and the fact of its conservation (in toto for a closed system) were discovered by . Dalit, meaning "broken/scattered" in Sanskrit and Hindi, is a term mostly used for the castes in India that have been kept depressed by subjecting them to untouchability (often termed backward castes).

Dalits were excluded from the four-fold varna system of Hinduism and were seen as forming a fifth varna, also known by the name of now profess various religious beliefs.

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