Northern colorado business report book of lists

Coloradans warn New Mexicans about consequences of legalizing recreational marijuana Kassi Nelson October 05, We came here for the marijuana. Sheriff Smith said the black market for marijuana is still thriving, despite many pro-marijuana advocates saying it would die.

Northern colorado business report book of lists

Our zip codes database has the most comprehensive and precise data that you will find. You can perform free database lookups on our website with our software or you can download our ZIP codes database for data manipulation.

Today, over , pieces of mail are delivered each business day, and our mail can take as little as one day to reach its destination.

northern colorado business report book of lists

Back init could take three weeks for a letter to travel from Lexington, Massachusetts to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The cost of mail was relatively much higher back then.

It cost twenty-five cents to send a letter miles — not much less than it costs today to send a letter anywhere in the country, and in considerably less time! Today, many of us in the United States expect to have our mail delivered to our homes and offices at no extra charge.

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Before July 1,city residents had to pay to have a postal worker bring their mail to them; rural customers had to travel to pick up their own mail for another 30 years. Zip codes wouldn't have helped much in those days. Many famous Americans have been postal workers. Truman was postmaster of Grandview, Missouri for a time.

Perhaps the most romantic era in our United States postal history is that of the Pony Express. Before then, stagecoaches took more than 20 days to deliver mail from coast to coast. InWilliam H. Russell bought strong horses and put a listing for good horseback riders in newspaper ads that read: Young, skinny, wiry fellows not over Must be expert riders willing to risk death daily.

The service closed in when telegraph lines connecting the coasts were finished being laid, allowing people to send information much faster and cheaper than they could by Pony Express.

The history of the United States Post Office is filled with fascinating data and amusing facts. Did you know the first Post Office in the United States was actually a tavern?

Or that the United States employed camels to deliver mail over deserts in the Southwest? Or that one of the first airmail deliveries involved a three mile flight, and that the pilot dropped the bag of mail from the flying plane to a postmaster waiting below?

And just what are ZIP Codes? And how does the United States Post Office use them? What do the numbers stand for? Where does the ZIP code data come from?The Northern Colorado business report. Book of lists. 1. The Northern Colorado business report. Book of lists. eJournal/eMagazine: Document: Periodical: English.

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