Organizational behavior: the walt disney company essay

The topic of leadership is currently, and will always be relevant to the business industry. While managers might help employees accomplish tasks and goals, leaders motivate employees to want to accomplish these things. In order to maintain the creativity that is necessary to allow the Walt Disney Company to grow successfully, it is important to maintain the correct type of leadership style.

Organizational behavior: the walt disney company essay

Organizational behavior concepts are extremely important when determining the future of any company.

Organizational behavior: the walt disney company essay

Organizations constantly have to compete with one another and by doing so it applies certain concepts to its business to ensure that its organization is profitable and that it is able to provide continuous employment. Therefore, it is vital to the life of the organization that the necessary steps are taken to engrave organizational behavior concepts into the minds of employees to the point that it reflects in their everyday performances, and can also be seen by customers.

The Disney Company is one company that has focused on organizational behavior by concentrating on creating a sound organizational culture and structure through group behavior, good decision-making, sound communication and human resources practices that continues to keep the company ahead of all other entertainment companies world-wide.

Organizational behavior: the walt disney company essay

Founded in by Walter Elias DisneyThe Walt Disney Company, and its affiliates, have continued to stay committed to producing exceptional entertainment experiences for people of all ages in both domestic,and diversified international family entertainment.

Disney has strived to become a well-rounded organization of studios, parks, resorts, media networks, internet websites, and consumer products to ensure that its goal of entertainment for all ages is met.


Walt Disney started his company by making films of a real person in an animated world known as the Alice Comedies. Eventually the films became so much of a success that his ideas for films moved to complete animation and the first animated character Oswald the Rabbit was born.

Organizational Behavior: The Walt Disney Company Essay Sample

Mr Disney had several near failure experiences and finally made the decision to always have sole ownership of his properties which eliminated the threat of his company ever going under Danielski, Afterwards, the idea of building a theme-park came to view.

Disney knew that he had to think quick to raise revenue to open the new family-oriented idea, so he went to television with artoons.

From television to resorts, Mr. The statement made by Mr. Disney knew that if he did not strategically plan ways to embed his way of thinking into all his employees including management, it would be likely that his dream would fail, and he would never be able to create the family environment that he was striving for.

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With the thought of success in mind, Walt Disney created an organizational culture that put customers first and because customers are considered first, employees must attend an extensive training course to ensure that they have the same thoughts towards customers.

Created many years before, The Disney Institute was officially named in to provide employees and business people with the knowledge of various ways to improve work environments and customer service skills, while inspiring management and employees to increase the overall productivity of the company.

The Institute offers courses on people management, approaches to quality service, leadership, orientation, human resources management, customer loyalty, and other business related courses that are needed to keep the customer happy Waltz, Therefore, no matter what role an employee plays, whether he, or she, is a cartoon character, or the President of the company, hands-on training is required to make sure that all team-players become familiar with the organizational culture of Disney, and think as one unit.

The company believes in making sure that families can take a memorable vacation that will be affordable. By doing so, Disney has become one of the largest entertainment organizations that continue to grow bigger daily.

The company is now global with resorts and theme-parks in countries such as Japan and France. With the company being so diverse in the global sector, teamwork is highly important for success and President Robert A. Iger makes sure to stress positive group behavior for each department and business unit.

Group behavior is extremely important in the Disney Company since teamwork is a part of what has made the company successful over the past 80 years.

Employees are encouraged to take innovative risks and be creative while having fun. Employees participating in activities, identifying how to communicate successfully, make decisions, and solve problems seem to share the accomplishments of the company happily because of the effort they put into it themselves.

Participating employees must follow rules and regulations because they are highly important in keeping the company soaring towards success. The goal of Disney is to excel in every aspect of entertainment for everyone with the primary focus being on children.🔥Citing and more!

Organizational Behavior: The Walt Disney Company Essay Sample. Walt Disney’s decision, to call all his employees by their first names and not their job titles, fostered a . Walt forced Roy’s hand by forming a new company and financing the planning on his own. Eventually, Roy relented. It was a smart decision: In , Disney’s parks and resorts business generated US$ billion in revenue. Walt Disney’s determination. to name all his employees by their first names and non their occupation rubrics. fostered a referent-expert type of power construction. Walt Disney and his brother Roy. run their company without implementing hierarchal places.

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