Photoelectricity direction thesis

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Photoelectricity direction thesis

Main research pathways include: Computer Application Engineering——This direction studies the fundamental principles and common techniques and methods of the applications of computers in various trades and industries and social activities.

These involve artificial intelligence, language and text processing, computer graphics, multimedia technology, database management systems, etc. Computer Software Engineering——This direction studies computer application technology and the principles and methods of engineering management that produce software products that meet user requirements while meeting the constraints of budgets and schedules.

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This involves the software development process, software development methods, software engineering management and support, software quality assurance, software engineering process measurement, computer-aided software engineering tools and environments, etc.

Computer Network Engineering——This direction studies how to determine a network construction plan and how to implement the plan step by step based on the requirements of the user or clients, the specific circumstance, and the current development of network technology and the degree of industrialization.

This involves requirement analysis and network planning, network design, engineering organization and implementation, network operation and maintenance, etc. Intelligent Information Processing——This direction studies the process, methods, and techniques of the processing and manipulation of language and information using the computer and based on the understanding of human intelligence, behavior, and their norms.

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This involves knowledge engineering, pattern recognition, intelligent robotics, text encoding, speech signal processing, natural language understanding, information retrieval, document information processing, etc.

Computer Information Systems——This direction studies the collection, storage, processing, transmission, and management of information and the providing of information services via human computer interaction.

This involves database management, decision support, management information systems, e-commerce and e-government, geography information systems, global positioning systems, office automation, digital libraries, etc.

Multimedia Technology and Applications——This direction studies the integrated processing of documents, graphics, images, voices, animations, and videos and the interactions with users. This involves digital audio and video processing, realistic graphic construction, computer animation, scientific computation visualization, virtual reality, multimedia documents, multimedia systems, human computer interaction, biometrics, etc.

Photoelectricity direction thesis

Mobil Computing Technology——study direction. This direction studies information processing during mobile processes using portable computers or other computing devices. This involves mobile computing devices, mobile operating systems and databases, cloud computation, mobile communication, etc.

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Embedded Computing Technology——study direction. This direction studies the key techniques of embedded systems in digital audio communication, robotics, textile electronics, intelligent home electronics, automobile electronics, etc. This involves the architecture of embedded systems, embedded system software platforms and related techniques, embedded system development tools and environments, application techniques of embedded systems, etc.

This direction studies the mechanisms and measures that ensure the correct, reliable, non-interrupted operation of computer systems and the protection of information that has been stored, transmitted, and processed by computer systems from being leaked, destroyed, or rendered useless.

This involves physical safety, operation security, information security, security management, etc. This direction studies measures to improve the portability, compatibility, inter-operability, re-usability, safety, and quality of products by setting uniform engineering, design or technique norms, criteria, methods, processes, and conventions for practical or potential problems of information technology fields and which are accomplished by setting and implementing related standards.

It also studies the appropriate application of intellectual property rights and the protection of the rights and benefits of developers so that the transformation of technical results into industrial and commercial usage will be benefited and the advance of technology and development of the economy will be promoted.

This involves the development, release, and implementation process of standards and the laws and regulations of intellectual property rights.

Photoelectricity direction thesis

Software and Service Outsourcing—— study direction. This direction studies the techniques and methods of effectively outsourcing software and service projects to outside corporations using computers and the network in order to reduce software development cost. This involves business process outsourcing, information technology outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing and management, etc.

Information Technology Products Marketing and Sales——This direction studies the effective production, circulation, and after-sale servicing of information products such as software in order to reach the goal of meeting the requirements of users.

This involves e-commerce, the internet of things, marketing and sales management, etc. This discipline requires 2. The study years for part-time students are more dynamic and flexible. Main courses of this discipline include:We create all papers from scratch, following the guidelines of MLA, Turabian, APA, and Harvard citation styles.

Professional, essay, writers. All our writers must meet certain criteria, such as an advanced degree and qualifications before. Abstract: In this thesis a tunable bandwidth quantum well photo- detector (TB-QWIP) is fabricated and experimentally characterized.

The designed detector is based on the Stark effect with two quantum step wells arranged opposite to each other to simultaneously achieve both blue- and red-shift of the absorption peak for either direction of the bias.

Originally Answered: Why can't the classical wave theory explain the photoelectric effect? Classical wave theory says that, as intensity increases, so does the speed of the electrons: little intensity causes little movement,while a lot causes a lot.

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