Reading writing and recreation

As long as writing was seen merely as transcription, as it was by such pioneering linguists as Ferdinand de Saussure and Leonard Bloomfield earlier in the 20th century, its conceptual significance was seriously underestimated. Once writing was seen as providing a new medium for linguistic expression, its distinctness from speech was more clearly grasped. Scholars such as Milman Parry, Marshall McLuhanEric Havelock, Jack Goody, and Walter Ong were among the first to analyze the conceptual and social implications of using written as opposed to oral forms of communication. Writing is merely one, albeit the most important, means of communicating by visible signs.

Reading writing and recreation

That changed a few years ago when I was looking for a new hobby and decided to organize a role-playing game for some friends.

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What are role-playing games? Most require a small group of players and a single game master. At its best, these games play out like an evening of collective storytelling not unlike long-form improvisational theater.

My first attempt sounded a lot like this: Everyone puts a lot of work into the game, so most groups want to play for several hours. Players, like readers, are an inquisitive bunch. They ask questions and expect to be told every minute detail.

For me it was exceptionally trying.

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I was sure I had done a horrible job, but when my first session ended all the players wanted to know: I was only looking for a fun distraction, but in role-playing games I found an entryway to the world of creative writing.

Peter, MN William Faulkner coined: As a writer, a reader, and a lover, I have many darlings. During my junior year abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, I recreated myself.

I refined my fashion sense; adopted Californian and East Coast slang, started listening to British indie rock, drank only Belgian beer and ridiculed the Super Bowl with my new European pals.

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Even though I was immersed in a large city, and a university ten times the size of my college back home, I grew bigger. I learned what parts of myself I wanted, and needed to develop, and did so. Home in Edinburgh, I learned what a darling was. Some friends and I discussed a short story or poem each week, a symposium of voices reacting to beautiful writing, reveling in the retained darlings of authors like Vladimir Nabokov, David Foster Wallace, and Jorge Luis Borges.

As a writer, it became more difficult for me to kill the sentimental images that I melted upon reading. However, one must not kill all of their darlings. Whilst traveling, I embraced many darlings of a different sort. I loved many; some in moments of just a few minutes, with a stranger met at the beach or a self-proclaimed tour guide, and others a deeper affair, crumbling under the emotion of a doomed love, knowing my fully formed life in Edinburgh had an expiration date.

I found the only way of dealing with this beautiful tragedy was by capturing the moments, fleeting or heart-consuming, with poetry. These darlings were not killed, not struck off with a line or relegated to footnotes.Choose a program and register online without lining up at the office when registration opens.

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"Reading, Writing and Recreation" Learn about recreation and how it can compliment your academic success. Reading and Writing Strategies. Use these interventions to support special education students struggling with reading and writing.

Students who have language delays, language deficits, and reading and writing difficulties will benefit from these strategies detailing how .

reading writing and recreation

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