Thats fine ill just do my homework meme

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Thats fine ill just do my homework meme

But nothing or nobody can befriend man more than a dog. Dogs are that unique gifts that only the blessed ones would understand. A dog would do anything and everything for its master till its last breath.

All said and done, time to move on to the not-so-lovely breeds of dogs. The violent and killer ones. Umm, well, they are not so desirable.

Who would want a dog at his household that goes around biting and poisoning people? This list guides you through those dangerous breeds of dogs from which it is advisable to stay away.

And if you are planning to buy one, well, it is at your own risk! Great Dane When you have the tallest and largest dog in the world, being 44 inches long, it is quite obvious he is not going to sit calm.

This German breed of dog has seven fatality cases to its name, so it is not-so-dangerous. In fact, Great Dane can be very loving if they are well trained and taken very good care of.

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So get your Great Dane only if you can devote enough time to train it and play with it. The dog seeks physical attention and pampering from its master and that is what makes it dangerous at times.

Earlier, it was referred to as German Mastiff because such a handsome dog deserved to be a luxury dog and not the one meant for working and doing chores. Chow Chow This breed again depends on how you treat and train it.

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This Chinese breed has recorded just eight biting cases till date and looks nothing less than a teddy bear.

It is one of the very ancient dogs that still exist today.

thats fine ill just do my homework meme

The problem with this otherwise well behaved species is that they are extremely protective of their masters and have an aversion towards strangers.

So in order to avoid this aggressive behavior, it is very important that owners let these dogs socialize from a very early age. They are very intelligent and smart and are often used as police dogs. This breed was originally treated as working dogs and was not really expected to be friendly.

However, over the years the aggression has calmed down to a great extent and till date this dog has bitten about nine people, study shows.

Most of the cases recorded were cases of the Doberman protecting their owners. They are a threat to other breeds of dogs because of their fearless attitude and quick learning capabilities.

Malamute This moderately dangerous breed of dog is often mistaken as the similar looking Husky breed of dogs. This particular breed of dogs is the ones that we see running and carrying the sledge in snow covered mountain tops. Malamutes are known for their ability to work extremely hard in tough conditions and for their endurance.

Nowadays this breed is even used as pets by many households. Malamutes have been known to have bitten as many as 12 people till date. Wolf Dog Hybrid The name says it all. This breed is half-dog and half-wolf and possesses the characteristics of both the animals in it.

All well and good if it is domesticated but you never know when it shows its wilder side and bites you, like this breed has done to 15 people till date. The problem with this breed is that its behavior is really unpredictable because of mixed genetic traits.

Wolf dogs are more destructible and active than any other breed of dog in this list. It is advised NOT to domesticate this particular species.

Husky Just a look at it and you instantly know it is not on the safer side. Huskies too are used to pull sledges, much like the Malamute. But huskies are known for their speed, unlike Malamutes which are known for endurance.

Huskies hold a record of 15 fatalities and after their work life, they are sent to households as pets in their old age. This breed suffers from heterochromia, which means that different dogs have different colored eyes.

thats fine ill just do my homework meme

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