Who and or what caused world war 1 essay

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Who and or what caused world war 1 essay

World War One produced a massive loss of life, which led to a vast genetic loss on a European front and also changed the balance of power as America became dominant over Europe.

A severe grab for colonies, an aggressive arms race, a desire for French revenge against Germany and intense nationalism throughout European countries primarily caused World War One. The assassination of the Austria—Hungarian heir to the throne in Sarajevo, sparked the twentieth century conflict.

However, it was the international issues and influences post this devastating event that provided the building blocks for an apprehensive Europe. The Industrial Revolution changed the European lifestyle, particularly work related, from agriculture into an industrial orientated society. Materialism also followed the Industrial Revolution, as people realized the satisfaction and exclusiveness they experienced by possessing the best of produced products.

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Countries such as America, Britain and Germany became competitors on an international game board, playing to become the most economically influential nation in the world. This competition turned into economic rivalry, which went towards shaping the tension throughout European countries.

Who and or what caused world war 1 essay

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Among all the disasters, caused by humanity, World War I was the first global disaster. It is known as “The Great War” because of its terrible consequences and all the pain and sorrow it brought to people. causes of wwi dbq essay. WWI and its Underlying Causes World War I was one of the bloodiest wars that the world has ever seen.

WWI was a war fought in Europe between Germany, Russia, France, Great Britain, the U.S.

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and many others. However, what is unknown is the cause of WWI. So the question remains, what was the reason for WWI.

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